About us


My Name is David Stolar, i have been involved in many businesses since my humble start in my fathers quilt manufacturing business. From the start, I had a flair for selling the most basic items and making them look special, both in product design and packaging. The company even went international and we sold our wares in almost 12 countries. As far back as the early 90s we had a website and always pushed this fact and we had genuine success in our category. After my manufacturing career, i took the same strategy to multiple online businesses (most were successful). With all the success and some failure, i built a skill set which i can share with you in any type of business, whether it be business to business or business to consumer, e-commerce or just plain display. I haven’t got the magic bullet, but I can definitely steer you in the right direction.

We build websites but that's not the end of it. Where do you go from there? Well i can offer true online business experience with real example of success. We can help implement simple inexpensive strategies in order to gain sales without blowing the bank.  We employ integration with your shopping site to the worlds largest market places and also set up your social media strategies to further your sales growth.